The Doorway


Himani Parigot

| Artist

Shantaram Kadam

| Copyright

Muellners Foundation

In life we all encounter some doorways that lead us to teach something, at first remaining unknown to one’s consciousness. Everybody has to live or survive the rushing tik-tok of their lives which paces parallely with.Let it be a celebration of birthday with laughters or tears,a cuddle with your emotions or the person,a cry over his music or a smile over that shared piece of sweet. A doorway to life has been given, given to each one of us, where we jump in, walk and end up writing our own stories. It is a piece of work expressing hope to everyone. Telling beings a story untold. A story of dark phase that descends to each one whom life has been given.The tiny vessels are the lives which are set to pass through that phase,not alone though. Just as one goes through it, so the others.

The sun is always around , and the moon is there for the darkness. Nothing is meant to be fallen, indeed it’s meant to rise, more beautiful, stronger and happier.